About Keeton Storts

Keeton Storts is a digital marketer who specializes in SEO, Brand SERP optimization, and Knowledge Panel management. He is the founder and CEO of 516 Marketing Inc.

Keeton Storts is a digital marketing professional, entrepreneur and CEO of Labyrinth Brand Co, a digital marketing agency based in Texas. He is also the founder of 516 Marketing Inc.

Identified as a leader in brand optimization on Google, Keeton Storts has received recognition from industry expert Jason Barnard, known as “The Brand SERP Guy.” Jason has acknowledged Keeton as one of the world’s foremost marketing specialists, renowned for his ability to amplify and optimize brands in the digital landscape.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: 

Keeton Storts has founded multiple companies, including 516 Marketing Inc in 2021 and Labyrinth Brand Co in 2023.


Keeton graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2015 with a degree in Communication.

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