About 516 Marketing

Keeton Storts is a digital marketer who specializes in SEO, Brand SERP optimization, and Knowledge Panel management. He is the founder and CEO of 516 Marketing Inc.

Digital Marketing Company

516 Marketing is a digital marketing company focused on enhancing brand integrity through digital resolution. 516 Marketing offers a number of services from Digital Strategy and Semantic SEO to Brand SERP optimization and Knowledge Panel management.


516 Marketing was formed by Keeton Storts on August 9, 2021 and since its inception has specialized in helping companies and people enhance their digital brand integrity. It serves clients worldwide from its headquarters in Watauga, Texas.

Key People:

Keeton Storts is the founder and CEO of 516 Marketing Inc.


516 Marketing is an agency partner of SEMrush and Kalicube SAS. It also works closely with Wordlift and Able Creative House, LLC.


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