Keeton Storts

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Consultant

Founder and CEO at 516 Marketing INc


Keeton Storts is the Founder and CEO of 516 Marketing Inc.

Who is Keeton Storts?


Keeton Storts is an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant who specializes in SEO, Brand SERP optimization, and Knowledge Panel management. He is the Founder and CEO of 516 Marketing Inc, a digital marketing company based in Fort Worth, TX. Keeton Storts is influenced by Brand SERP specialist, Jason Barnard.

Professional Skills

  • Brand Strategy 85% 85%
  • Search Engine Optimization 90% 90%
  • Brand SERP Optimization 98% 98%
  • Knowledge Panel Management 98% 98%



Keeton Storts is a digital marketer who formed 516 Marketing Inc in the middle of the COVID pandemic. He did this to empower businesses and nonprofits to share their value with the world. Keeton founded the company on the core belief, that when a brand understands its value and is empowered to share it with others, lives are changed.